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for Experience RolePlayers

Hello there,

Hello, and welcome aboard the flight American 27. We've been leaving your old city with a new destination - Los Santos.

We know you are eager to explore the city and all it has to offer but before make sure you know how some things work in this city, we don’t want to bore you with basic concepts like VDM, RDM, PowerGaming, etc. (if you don’t know what those are please check this out) so we’re going right in the middle of it.

StoryRp it’s more than a server, it’s a place to relax and enjoy beautiful things after a hard day at work/school/etc. that’s been said please leave all your real-life problems at the entrance, you will become someone new, someone, special!

The main thing you have to learn it’s that we are looking for stories, and how the city will develop with its people.

We are not looking for salty people, trolls or people who take an IC argue and transform it into an OOC drama.

We are not actors and we don’t except for people to RP at a 10/10 level there must always be a place on our server for people who don’t know everything and wish to learn, we as in the founders have over 6000 hours of FIveM experience between us but we’re not all-knowing, we know that in a field as in RP you can always learn something new, we don’t expect you to know everything, but instead, we expect one thing from you, to understand that WINNING it’s not the most important thing in the city, that you would rather lose with honor instead of win by any means necessary.

Let’s give an example for that, Let’s say you robbed a bank and you’ve been caught by the police, you are in cuffs and you are near the Police Cruiser, in that case, you can technically run and try to escape but you realize that there’s no way you, a cuffed man can outrun the policemen that are near you, so instead of running, you cooperate with the police since there’s almost 0% chance of you escaping in that situation.